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Jina on Windows


You asked for it. We’ve delivered. Jina now runs on Windows, under WSL2!

After getting WSL2 up and running:

pip install jina
jina hello-world

My web browser doesn’t open after running jina hello-world

This is a limitation of running in WSL2. Here’s a quick workaround:

cd <name of workdir - a long alphanumeric string>
python -m http.server

You can then go to to view the page.

Can I run Jina under WSL1?

The OG version of WSL is vastly underpowered compared to WSL2. So sadly that’s a no from us.

Where can I see the docs?

Right here

When will you support Windows 3.1?

To stay updated on our Windows 3.1 support, please send an inquiry directly to /dev/null.