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2020 Jina X Hackathon Retrospective

Pei-Shan Wu
Pei-Shan Wu

Since Jina was introduced to the public in April 2020, we’ve made a lot of progress on product development. Now, in October 2020, our v0.7.0 release is on the horizon.

But apart from all of this, what’s definitely worth a mention is we also kicked off our first hackathon, Jina X, in September, just 5 months after our project launch.

Let me walk you through it! 💛

Jina 🔍 Community

Jina AI is an open source company with a fairly young product. Right from the get go, one of our goals has been to engage closely with the developer community in this early stage. Our hackathon is just one of the ways we go about that.

While Jina has been steadily heading towards our stable version (v1.0) scheduled in 2021, in September this year we agreed that it was the right time to kick off a hackathon that is Jina-specific.

Enter Jina X!

Like many other hackathons during this messed up time that is COVID-19, Jina X is a virtual hackathon. And the main theme of Jina X is to build something that aims to solve real world problems, using Jina. We believe neural search has great potential and there is no limit to what people can potentially build with Jina, especially considering their passion and creativity.

Engaging Newcomers 🖖

Jina is a totally new product for the developer community. So it’s no surprise that even many of our community members are still at the learning and exploring stage. To help everyone along and provide the best support we could, we rolled out a few things:

Everyone On Board

From day one, our developer relations team got buy in from everyone at the company, from admin to engineering to C-level.

Everyone from our engineering team actively took part as either mentors or judges. We offered 4 workshops and 6 sessions of office hours over Zoom during the 48-hour hackathon.

Below are some of our workshops:

Got Your Back on Slack

On top of that, we made sure that there was always at least one team member available in our Slack channel #mentors_desk, so participants received immediate responses when they needed support with issues or errors.

Taking Notes

Most importantly, we kept a record of every question that was asked. It’s important to encourage our participants by showing them there’s no such as thing as a dumb question. Especially when you’re learning to hack on something new.

Learning Together 👯

The outcome? Boatloads of interesting questions and conversations that have benefited both participants and our own team. Through close engagement with participants, we learned a lot about how other developers use Jina and where we can improve to create a better developer experience.

We’re honored that our hackathon participants took on the challenge to hack with Jina. And we’re bursting with pride at our own team members who provided great support during the event. 💪

Winning Projects 🚀

Last but not least, let‘s look at the projects that built during the Jina X hackathon:

First Prize ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Facebook Ads Inspiration Platform (Project) by Rohit Bhaskar

Second Prizes ⭐️⭐️

  • Near Duplicate Video Retrieval (Project) by 4ML
  • Story Chatbot (Project| Blog) by Sibish Basheer

Third Prizes ⭐️

  • Fast Forward Life (Project) by Muhsin Mohammed
  • Semantic Stack Overflow (Project) by Sai Teja Adda
  • CoveFeFake (Project) by Adithya T P
  • Food Recipe Search Engine (Project) by Sushant Chatufale

Kudos 💗

A massive thanks once again to all the Jina X participants, our external judges Bin Wu, and Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, all the Jina AI team members, and the AngelHack team! We couldn’t have done it without your support!

What’s Next? 🔮

After the success of our first hackathon, we’re looking at ways to go even bigger and better next time. Stay tuned to our events page to keep up-to-date!

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