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Jina: Now with Google Colab!

Susana Guzmán
Susana Guzmán

Jina ❤️ Google Colab!

We all know how Google Colab can make things easier when trying new code, so we're super happy that after the latest Google Colab update, it can now run with Python 3.7, which is just what we need with Jina.

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And how we do that? Super easyyyy, no fuss needed, let's get to it!

Just tell me how!

This is really straightforward, in this example we'll index some data for you to see how to run it with Google Colab, so you will see how to:

  1. Install Jina
  2. Import Jina Flow
  3. Create a Flow
  4. Index your data

1. Install Jina

The first thing is to create a notebook in Google Colab. You can do that here and install Jina via pip with:

!pip install jina 

And you should have something like this:

install jina

2. Import Jina Flow

Then we need to import our Flow:

from jina import Flow

3. Create a Flow

Now that we have Jina installed and we imported our Flow we can start using it. This is business as usual:

my_fluffy_flow = Flow()

But let's try to make it a bit more interesting by adding two Pods, one for the Encoder and one for the Indexer:

my_fluffy_flow = Flow().add(name='encoder').add(name='indexer')

So we should have something like this: Create a Flow

Now, this is a simple example, but if you do more fancy stuff, you might want to check how your Flow is looking, so you can do that simply by referring to the name of your Flow, for example:

Plot Flow

There you can see we indeed have two Pods one after the other.

4. Index your data

Okay, so we have our Flow ready with two Pods, now it's time to index some simple data. This is as simple as:

And you are done! If you run this you will see that your indexing will start:


This was a very simple demonstration of what you can do, but because Google Colab is so interactive, it makes it a very powerful tool to run any of the ideas you might have. If you want to run this example this is all you need:

!pip install jina                                                           #Install Jina

from jina import Flow                                                       #Import Flow
my_fluffy_flow = Flow()                                                     #Create Flow

my_fluffy_flow = Flow().add(name='encoder').add(name='indexer')             #Add Pods

my_fluffy_flow                                                              #Display Flow

with my_fluffy_flow:                                                        #Index Data
    my_fluffy_flow.index(['Who is the prettiest cat])   

As always, get in touch if you have any questions, comments or pics of your cat you want to share with us. You can follow us on Twitter, GitHub, or join our Slack community.

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