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Release Wrap Up — August 2020-image
Release Wrap Up

Release Wrap Up — August 2020

Alex C-G
Alex C-G

Release Notes

It’s been a busy month here at Jina — our team has been beavering away on our core product, Jina Search, and our other projects like Jina Dashboard and Jina Hub, both of which are getting their first releases this month. They grow up so fast!

So, needless to say, we’re excited to share the highlights of our release notes.

We’re just sharing a smattering of highlights here. Be sure to click through for the full notes!

Jina Search 0.5.0

Jina Search provides the core of our neural search framework.

  • Recursive Document structure
  • Native data querying capabilities
  • Migration of Executors to Jina Hub
  • Support for Mindspore

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Jina Dashboard 0.1.0

Get insight on running tasks in Jina. With Dashboard, you can analyze logs, design Flows and view Jina Hub images.

  • View log stream. When running a Jina instance with log server enabled, you can view logs output by your instance in the log stream tab by connecting it to the Dashboard in the settings tab.
  • Monitor Tasks. You can view network load, queries per second, and messages sent and received by your Jina instance in the task tab.
  • View and Edit Flows. In the flow design tab, you can view the Flow of a running instance, import a Flow in YAML format, edit and export a Flow in YAML format.
  • Explore the Hub. In the hub tab, you can view available images, and explore more information about each one such as setup instructions, README's, and build history.

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Jina Hub 0.1.0

A centralized registry of custom and community-driven Jina Apps and Pods that are tailored to specific use cases of neural search.

  • We have decoupled the Core (Jina Search) and Hub into two projects. They are maintained under two different repos ( jina and jina-hub ) and controlled by two different CIs. They are connected via git submodule, i.e. jina-hub is a submodule of jina.
  • We have clarified the file structure of “a valid Hub executor”, and established best practices for developing a new Hub executor. We’ve also refactored all Executors from the core into this new structure.
  • We have improved the CLIs for maintaining Hub executors: there is a new interface jina hub new (create new Hub Executor), and improvements on the jina hub build interface.
  • Finally, a new Github Action hub-builder has been released to Github Marketplace and integrated into the CI of jina-hub to ensure the validity of every Executor

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