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Announcing Jina Hub 2.0

Alex C-G
Alex C-G

In this blog post we'll cover the highlights of our top-secret community-exclusive launch event and let you know how you can get up and running with Jina Hub.

What is Jina Hub?

Jina Hub 2.0 is your one-stop shop for the building blocks of neural search applications.

What can I do with Jina Hub?

Create and share Executors

All it takes is one command to create your Executor, and another to push it to Jina Hub. Download Executors from other community members or upload your own for anyone to use.

Reuse Executors on different machines and search apps

No need to reimplement and sync Executors across every machine and search app. Upload them to the Hub and roll them out at scale either direct from the source or through Docker.

Want to use the latest and greatest SOTA models, but don't want to put in all that hard work implementing them? Hub has your back. Go to hub.jina.ai to browse our extensive catalog and use Executors like TransformerTorchEncoder, ImageTorchEncoder, and CLIPImageEncoder.

You can immediately see interfaces and arguments, understand requirements, assess the quality and browse through different tags.

Best practices

In short

Use Hub now

How to join our top-secret events

We really shouldn't be telling you this, since they're so secret and all. Buuuuut, just join our Slack. We post about our community-exclusive events in the #jina-news channel