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Announcing Jina 0.9.2

Jina Team
Jina Team

We are excited to release Jina 0.9.2!

Highlights of this release include:

  • Support for delete/update operations
  • Add native Asyncio support and unlock native support for running Jina in Jupyter Notebook and IPython
  • Add MultiModalDocument as primitive types to support multimodal search in a Pythonic way
  • Refactor Pea and introduce Runtime to improve code readability and maintainability

In this post we'll highlight some of the key new features. For full release notes, including bug fixes, breaking changes, and sample code, please check our GitHub repo.

⬆️ Major Features and Improvements


  • To support for updating and deletion operations, we introduced update and delete method for BaseKVIndexer and BaseVectorIndexer; update and delete APIs are introduced in Flow APIs.

  • Refactoring to native Asyncio. This unlocks support for running Jina in Jupyter Notebook and IPython. AsyncClient and AsyncFlow were added to let users manage eventloop and make Jina more reliable in Jupyter Notebook and IPython

Ease of Use

  • Add MultiModalDocument as primitive type. This lets users build a multimodal search system in a Pythonic way.

  • Introduce Runtime as a member of Pea, defined as "a procedure that blocks the main process once running, therefore must be put into a separated thread/process. The new architecture greatly improves the readability and maintainability of the code.

🙏 Thanks to our Contributors

This release contains contributions from Amritpal Singh, Bithiah Yuan, CatStark, Cristian Mitroi, Deepam Patel, Deepankar Mahapatro, Florian Hönicke, Han Xiao, Harry Stark, Hidan, Joan Fontanals, Nan Wang, Pratik Bhavsar, Rutuja Surve, Sergey M, Siyuan Shi, Szymon Skorupinski, Tadej Svetina, Wang Bo, Yannic Kilcher, Yusup.

🙏 Thanks to our Community

And thanks to all of you out there as well! Without you, Jina couldn't do what we do. Your support means a lot to us.

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