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Search ALL the things: We're running a meme contest for Jina 2.0

Alex C-G
Alex C-G

For Jina 2.0, we listened to the community. Truly, deeply listened. "What are your pain points?" we asked, eagerly anticipating valuable feedback from our loyal community. We speculated wildly in private:

  • "Could it be that Executors are too hard to use?"
  • "What's the deal with Drivers anyway? What were the team smoking?"
  • "Why the Hell does a Document look like a chocolate bar?"

But no. What did we hear, loud and clear, ringing from the lips of our community? They want more memes. All that bloody effort we poured in, and that's the answer they come back with? It made us literally do this:

Did all of the above actually happen? No. But is it a funny and hopefully endearing story that will make our company look human and more likeable? Also, no.

Sod it. At this point, why not? So we're kicking that ball into your court, community. We want to see your memes about Jina:

  • How is 2.0 better?
  • What can Jina do that others can't?
  • Why are so many people confused about how to say a simple two-syllable product name?

You get the idea.

Every contestant will get Jina stickers, and we'll be getting bigger and better swag out to the winners, including personalized 3D-printed medals made from only the finest cheap plastic filament.

Take part

All you need to do is:


  • If you're working for Jina you can't enter. Sorry chums.
  • Deadline for entries is midnight CET June 30, 2021
  • Put it under a CC-BY license
  • Abide by fair use laws (We don't want to have long discussions with our lawyers, so we have to put this here)



The most popular meme wins! Popularity is defined as:

  • Number of Twitter likes and retweets PLUS
  • Number of Slack interactions from individual members (otherwise some bright spark will spam all the emoji reactions)

After the contest

  • We'll announce winners on our blog and social media feeds
  • Our crack team of swag ninjas will reach out to everyone over Slack to get an address to send the goodies to.
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