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Love Jina, Get Swag

Alex C-G
Alex C-G

We love our community members here at Jina. You join our Slack, you push fixes, and best of all, you post epic Jina memes. We want to take the time to say thanks. And what better way to do that than with a bunch of awesome Jina swag?

How do I get this? Gimme!

We've set up a two-tiered system (more or less):


  • What you've done: You've given us a star on our GitHub repo, joined our Slack community and intoduced yourself over our #introductions channel
  • What you get: Lovely Jina AI postcard, stickers and fridge magnets


  • What you've done: You've made a (meaningful) pull request, Jina project, blog post, newsletter, or other contribution.
  • What you get: Everything a supporter gets, plus a keyring, pen, A5 notebook and tote bag.


If you've gone above and beyond in the call of duty, then we'll work out something even awesomer and contact you.

Apply now!

After that we'll send swag your way!


Go to our Slack channel and ask in #swag

Please note: Getting swag into India can be a little trickier than the rest of the world due to customs and import duties. Rest assured our team are currently talking to swag vendors in India to get our swag to all of you! (Updated September 1, 2021)

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