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Jina ❤️ Open Source

(and Open Governance)

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At Jina we’re all about open source and open governance.

That means you or anyone else is completely free to share our code, change it, fork it, or build their own projects with it.

We believe in open source because we believe in the power of the many over the few. Our license allows anyone to freely contribute their changes or feedback, and help build a framework that empowers the future of search. It’s only with the support of our community that we’ve got where we are today, and by sharing our code we shape a better destiny for everyone involved.

But our openness is about more than just our source code: We value transparent and fair stewardship of the Jina project, and our Open Source Program Office actively engages with our community of users and developers, gives them a say, and ensures we’re held accountable for our actions.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to Jina. We're grateful for your initiative!

We're happy for any contributions, code or not. If you'd like to write a blog post, record a podcast, organize a meetup, or anything else to contribute to Jina, we'd love to hear from you!

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Jump in, fix bugs, and add features to Jina via our GitHub repository

Visit our Repo
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See a bug, issue, or itch you need scratched? Drop us a line in our issues queue

Post an issue
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Built something cool using Jina? Want to show the world? Get in touch to be featured as an example projects

See examples
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Take on the challenge and hack the future of neural search at Jina's regular hackathons

Past Hackathons

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Shakespeare said "Words without thoughts never to Heaven go." We're not too fussed about Heaven, but we'd love your words for our docs!

Read the docs

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Blog Posts

If you've got a platform or Medium blog with a relevant audience we'd love to hear from you!

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We're in the mood for kicking back, munching some popcorn, and Jina'ing and chilling. And we'd love to watch your video about Jina while we do it!

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We'd say podcasts about Jina are music to our ears, but really they're more like words. Contact us to interview one of our team on your show

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Whether virtual or physical, getting together with people who share a common interest is a blast. If you want to build your own Jina meetup group we'd love to help

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