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The framework for multimedia search applications

Jina is an end-to-end open source framework for building search or recommendation systems for any data you want. Using state-of-the-art ML approaches, you can quickly build search applications leveraging our design framework and multi-layer abstraction.


pip install -U jina
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Universal data
Want to build a large-scale search for video, image, text, music, or any other data format? Jina does it all.
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Plug & Play
Jina Flows follow a modular design, letting you easily swap components in and out to fit your use case.
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State-of-the-art ML
Add pre-trained ML models to your Jina Flow, or use your own domain-specific models.
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Open source
Maintain end-to-end stack ownership and get the latest improvements from our growing community!
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See how it all started. View the code, submit issues and make pull requests.
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Dive deep into the technical aspects of Jina. Explore the APIs and access learning materials.
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Join our community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for neural search and open source.
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