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What is Jina?

Jina is the easiest way to build neural search on the cloud. It provides an one-stop solution for multi-/cross-modality search and has long-term support from a full-time, venture-backed team.

Jina Search

The open-source core of Jina AI

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Jina Dashboard

Monitor and manage Jina Flows

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Jina Hub

Build and share custom Pods & Flows

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Jina Box

Our light-weight, highly customizable JavaScript-based front-end.

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In short, neural search is a new approach to retrieving information. Instead of telling a machine a set of rules to understand what data is what, neural search does the same thing with a pre-trained neural network. This means developers donโ€™t have to write every little rule, saving them time and headaches, and the system trains itself to get better as it goes along.

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Time Saver

Bootstrap an AI-powered search system in just a few minutes with cookiecutter.

Plug & Play

With Jina Hub, you can extend Jina with simple Python scripts or Docker images optimized for your search domain.

First-Class AI models

Jina is a new design pattern for neural search systems with first-class support for state-of-the-art AI models like Faiss, Annoy, Onnx, and more.

Production Ready

Cloud-native features out-of-the-box, like containerization, microservice, distributing, scaling, sharding, async IO, REST, gRPC.


Get a high-level overview of the different members of the Jina family and how they work together to deliver an end-to-end modular search system.

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As a starter, you can try out our "Hello, World" - a simple demo of image neural search for Fashion-MNIST. No extra dependencies needed, just run:

jina hello fashion

You can also try our chatbot demo:

jina hello chatbot

Or, play with our multimodal search demo:

jina hello multimodal