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Jina AI Welcomes Dr. Ibrahim Haddad to its Advisory Board


Berlin – November 3, 2020 – Jina AI, the open source neural search startup based in Berlin announced that Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data Foundation will be joining its advisory board in support of our commitment to open source and its development model on which we’re building Jina AI.

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is Vice President of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation and the Executive Director of the LF AI & Data Foundation. Throughout his career, he has held technology and portfolio management roles at Ericsson Research, the Open Source Development Labs, Motorola, Palm, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung Research. He is known for his writing and speaking on topics ranging from legal compliance to using open source as an R&D tool to drive collaboration and innovation.

“I’ve known the Jina AI founders for over two years now and have been very impressed with their passion to open source and venturing to build an open source AI neural search engine. Jina AI adds critical functionality needed in the open source AI ecosystem and I am looking forward to ensuring they remain true to their open source promise and execution.”
Dr Ibrahim Haddad
“We are honored and excited to have Dr. Ibrahim Haddad on our advisory board. His expertise and insights into the open source software ecosystem will help Jina AI stay true to its open source model and drive us forward to the next level of becoming a world-leading AI open source software company.”

About Jina AI

Jina AI is an open-source neural search company founded in February 2020, enabling cloud-native neural search powered by state-of-the-art AI and deep learning. Jina’s core project helps build search engines that understand structured and unstructured data to resolve growing data search needs in all kinds of domains. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and currently has a global distributed team with over 20 members. Visit or follow us at @JinaAI_ on Twitter to learn more.