Celebrating a Year of Community Growth and Accomplishment

In true open source fashion, we want to highlight how you, our community, have been instrumental in our collective accomplishments!

2022 has been a very special year, not only because of our major updates to Jina AI, but also because we are so proud and grateful to have a globally talented, diverse, and fast-growing community!

In true open source fashion, we want to highlight how you, our community, have been instrumental in our collective accomplishments and have contributed greatly to this wonderful year.

Star Power

It has been a transformative year for the Jina AI codebase, and we are so thankful to the developers who have starred and contributed to our projects. From fixing the simplest typo to the biggest pull requests, it all contributes to what the Jina AI projects are today. We'd like to give an extra special thank you to everyone who submitted one of the thousands of PRs merged this year!

Memorable community events!

Our Engineering All Hands (EAH) and J-Tech Talk are open to everyone in the tech community, or anyone who wants to learn more about the future of neural search. This year, we have hosted 19 sessions and gathered over 18,000 participants from every corner of the world to share tech insights and learn about new technologies.

We are always amazed by the incredible projects that our community showcases at these events, and we are proud to create a warm atmosphere for sharing such inspiring initiatives.

We also host Office Hours on a monthly basis. During these meet-ups, we answer community questions, gather feedback on the latest features, and learn about how people are using Jina AI in their projects. We have been delighted to host 9 sessions and welcome over 867 community members from around the world to work together with our amazing engineering team to solve technical problems and explore Jina AI features.

Just a few weeks ago, we held the Jina AI Annual Event. We were delighted to have the opportunity to gather our beloved developer community, partners, and friends to celebrate the memories we’ve created and outlook for a greater upcoming 2023!

Tech Talk and Cheer: Celebrating the Holidays at Our 2022 Annual Christmas Party
The holiday season is upon us! As we reflect on this past year, we made a huge difference together with the support from our team, community members, and our partners.

On top of all this, we took the chance to participate in and sponsor numerous events across Europe for the first time. It was a thrilling and rewarding experience for us, as we were able to connect with a wide variety of people from diverse industries and backgrounds. We are eager to continue attending and supporting more of them in the future!

Our community is a driving force of positive social impact!

On March 7th, we launched 'Impact Tech, She Can', a campaign to invite female friends from diverse backgrounds and professions to participate in online dialogues, amplify female voices, inspire others, and encourage more women to come to the forefront and be seen and heard.

This initiative welcomed over 600 attendees and reached many more people with this message. Building upon the event that took place in China, we are dedicated to reinforcing this message and supporting more women in tech, across the globe, in 2023!

We also found our community champions!

The open-source community is filled with passionate, dedicated individuals who are committed to improving the world through their contributions. The power of open source lies in its ability to bring people together and to drive positive change. In October, we launched the Jina AI Community Advocates Program. Through JCAP, we aim to recognize and reward the achievements of our community champions, while also supporting them to improve their technical advocacy skills and bring the Jina AI team and community closer together. You can read more about the Advocacy program in this blog:

New Community Reward Program is Coming!
We are excited to introduce a new Reward Plan to recognize active community members! You can gain credits by engaging with the community. How? Read on!

A huge shout-out to our first ever JCAP members, Giancarlo Fissore, Ijeoma Onwuka & Rishi R we are so humbled and proud of your actions in the community!

In the new year, we are committed to investing even more into our community advocacy program and initiatives in order to empower our global community to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. If you would like to join us on this journey, you can apply to join JCAP through this application.

We are excited to see what we can accomplish together in the coming year—Happy Holidays to all!

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Star Power
Memorable community events!
Our community is a driving force of positive social impact!
We also found our community champions!