Tech Talk and Cheer: Celebrating the Holidays at Our 2022 Annual Christmas Party

The holiday season is upon us! As we reflect on this past year, we made a huge difference together with the support from our team, community members, and our partners.

The holiday season is upon us! As we reflect on this past year, we made a huge difference together with the support from our team, community members, and our partners. In spring, we released Jina 3, aiming for increased simplicity and consistency. We embraced generative AI in summer by launching Dalle-Flow and DiscoArt, which became the trending project on GitHub multiple times. In addition, we were listed on CB Insight AI100 for the second time as one of the most innovative AI start-ups. By autumn, we were grateful to have broadened our horizons over the multimodal AI landscape, while at the same time, evolving offerings to become a powerful ML Ops framework. And this winter, as a contributor of open source, we donated DocArray to the Linux Foundation and became a member of it.

We also took the opportunity to gather our beloved developer community, partners, and friends to celebrate the memories we’ve created and outlook for a greater upcoming 2023!

Let's look back on the highlights of the last event we held, the Jina AI Annual Event 2022:

We had impressive tech talks, the release of our first new book, inspiring panel discussions, and last but not least, the Christmas party!

Founder and CEO of Jina AI, Dr. Han Xiao is giving an opening speech

Dr. Han Xiao, founder, and CEO of Jina AI gave an opening speech with the topic Unlock the Business Value of Multimodal Data. In this talk, Han described the benefits of using an MLOps platform for multimodal AI applications in production and how that helps to unlock the business value of your multimodal data. Multimodal AI is a new type of AI that can take in data from multiple modalities (images, text, audio, etc.) and learn from it to make predictions. This makes it very powerful for applications like neural search and creative AI (e.g., DALLE and StableDiffusion). Multimodal AI also presents new challenges for engineering. In particular, it can be difficult to deploy and manage multimodal AI models and pipelines and make them scalable in production. This is where MLOps platforms come in to resolve this problem.

Read our blog to learn more about what MLOps do.

The Paradigm Shift Towards Multimodal AI
We are on the cusp of a new era in AI, one in which multimodal AI will be the norm. At Jina AI, our MLOps platform helps businesses and developers win while they’re right at the starting line of this paradigm shift, and build the applications of the future today.
Authors of the book - Neural Search - From Prototype to Production with Jina

Following the insightful speech by Han, we were excited to announce the release of our first book Neural Search - From Prototype to Production with Jina - a must-have starter pack for understanding neural search and building useful applications on top... Two of the authors, Susana Guzmán and Bo Wang, shared their experiences writing the book and the reason why it is a must-read. Please check the article for an inside scoop on Neural Search with our new book!

Get the Inside Scoop on Neural Search with Our New Book!
If you’re an AI engineer building search systems for any kind of data type – text, Q+A, image, audio, PDF, 3D models, etc. – or a Python developer interested in search or state-of-the-art deep learning techniques, then our new book “Neural Search - From Prototype to Production with Jina” is for you.
The book is available on Amazon

The engineer’s lightning talk was an essential part of this event! The team presented exciting progress on our product offerings and feature updates. Find out more in our recent blogs:

DocArray 0.20 Update
DocArray is a library for nested, unstructured, multimodal data in transit, including text, image, audio, video, 3D mesh, etc.
We’re Donating DocArray to LF for an Inclusive and Standard Multimodal Data Model
DocArray is now hosted under the Linux Foundation AI & Data - a neutral home to build and support an open AI and data community. This is the start of a new day for DocArray.
Left to right: Giancarlo Fissore, Peter Willemsen & Moritz Feuerpfeil 

We are dedicated to supporting the open-source community and the contributions that make our product stronger. We are thrilled to have invited Giancarlo Fissore and Peter Willemsen, two valued members of the Jina community, to share their experiences and insights. In addition, Moritz Feuerpiel from brought up a thought-provoking talk on the origins and costs of labeling errors. Our community would not be the same without them!

Panel Discussion: How to build an engaging tech community?

In the last panel session, tech community leaders Dania Meira (Director of AI Guild), Stephen Batifol (organizer of the MLOps local community), and Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva (senior consultant at INNQ) joined our Head of Engineering, Maximilian Werk, shared their experiences and insights on how to build an engaging community.

Jina AI team together with their own Santa Claus

We're honored and humbled to know that so many of you are using Jina AI to build amazing things and contributing your energy and expertise back to our open-source projects. We are already working on upcoming events and creating more memorable moments with you, our community, so sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned!

Thank you to our community for being awesome!

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