Rationale 0.5 Update

Introducing Rationale 0.5 – the ultimate decision-making tool with a new "Sharing Rewards" feature. Share your decision analysis and earn rewards. Also, join our new Discord community server, where you can get support, ask questions and shape the future of Rationale.

Rationale is a decision-making AI powered by the latest version of GPT-3 and in-context learning. It assists business owners, managers, and individuals in making tough decisions by generating a pros and cons list, SWOT analysis, and multi-option analysis. By considering all relevant factors, Rationale helps users make rational decisions.

Rationale - a revolutionary decision-making tool powered by the latest GPT and in-context learning
See two sides of the coin, make rational decisions. Use GPT and in-context learning to analyze pros & cons, SWOT, cost-benefit, and two-choice problem. Rationale helps you make well-rounded decisions.

Sharing Rewards

Our latest release allows users to share their decision analysis with others and earn rewards in return.

With the new sharing rewards feature, users can now share their decision analysis with other logged-in users and earn one free credit for each successful referral. This is a great way for users to get the most out of Rationale, while also helping others make informed decisions.


In addition to the new sharing rewards feature, users can also save a shared analysis to their own dashboard. This allows users to easily access and refer back to shared analyses, making it even more convenient for them to make decisions.

We encourage all of our users to take advantage of this new feature and share their decision analysis with others. Not only will it help others make informed decisions, but it will also give you the opportunity to earn rewards and get even more value out of Rationale.

In addition to the new Referral Rewards feature, we've made several other improvements and bug fixes to ensure that you have the best possible experience when using Rationale.

New Discord Community

We are also excited to announce the launch of our official Rationale Discord community server! This community is a place where you can share your experience, get support on Rationale, ask related questions.

Join the Rationale AI Discord Server!
Check out the Rationale AI community on Discord - hang out with 4 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Join our community and be a part of shaping the future of Rationale. Connect with other like-minded individuals and take your decision-making skills to the next level. Don't miss out, join our Discord server today!

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We want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of Rationale, and this coupon is our way of encouraging you to give it a try. Whether you're a business owner, manager, or simply someone who values making informed decisions, we believe Rationale can help you make smarter, more confident choices.

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Sharing Rewards
New Discord Community
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