Effortlessly integrate state-of-the-art ML models into your software

Get seamless access to curated, best-in-class machine learning models for businesses of all sizes. Accelerate your AI journey with our cost-efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use APIs.

Why choose Jina AI's Inference?

Tasks First

Kickstart your productivity with Inference, designed by software engineers with a focus on tasks not just models.

Curated Models

Leverage our expertly curated list of top-performing machine learning models.

Cost Efficient

Access advanced AI capabilities without the need for expensive infrastructure or personnel. Highest QPS for the lowest prices.

Plug-and-play Integration

Quickly integrate state-of-the-art ML models into your existing systems using Rest, gRPC protocols, and multi-lingual clients.

Real-world Use-cases

Neural Search

Streamline multimodal document search by embedding text and images on to same vector space.

Social Media and Trend Monitoring

Monitor trends in fashion by summarizing most popular visual and textual content.

Recommendation Engines

Recommend similar items in online stores by comparing fixed sized embeddings and performing collaborative filtering.

Better Customer Support

Answer natural language questions based on visual cues, such as images of defective products.


Why should I use Inference instead of hosting models on my own?

Hosting models on your own requires significant resources, both in terms of infrastructure and expertise. With Inference, you get access to curated state-of-the-art ML models through an easy-to-use API, eliminating the need for expensive hardware or hiring expert personnel. Additionally, we handle model maintenance and updates, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Which machine learning tasks do you currently support?

As of now, we support several machine learning tasks, including text embedding, image embedding, image captioning and visual question answering. Additionally, we have upcoming support for text generation with large language models, and more visual tasks. For a full list and updates, please visit Jina AI Cloud.

What does Inference cost?

Inference is priced based on a unified credit system on Jina AI Cloud. Please see our pricing.

How does Jina AI's Inference compare to the competition?

Jina AI's Inference stands out due to our curated selection of best-in-class ML models at with easy integration and scalability - with a proven cost-effective pricing. Our platform is designed to efficiently handle any number of API calls, ensuring you can scale your AI capabilities as your business grows.

Do you collect my data?

At Jina AI, we prioritize your privacy and security. We do not store your data beyond the duration of your request. All data sent to the API is immediately deleted after processing. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How do I get support?

We believe in providing proactive and responsive customer support. Our team of experts is available to assist with integration, troubleshoot any issues, and answer any questions about our services. We offer support through live chat on Jina AI Cloud and our Discord channel.