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Jina Hub

Jina Hub is a centralized registry of custom and community driven Jina Apps and Pods tailored to specific use cases of neural search. It enables users to easily upload and exchange reusable components across various Jina search applications.


Easy to Upload and Share

Simply upload a Python file, a Dockerfile and a YAML, and leave the rest of the work to us. All building and version control is automatically handled on the cloud side.


Cloud-native (Containers)

Easily scale out Hub images as elastic microservices using Flow API, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or your favorite orchestration framework.


Community Driven

Hub images are made and owned by the community. Search and follow any image you like, comment, and discuss problems you encounter.


Jina Search

The open-source core of Jina AI

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Jina Dashboard

Monitor and Manage Jina Flows

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Jina Hub

Build and share custom Pods & Flows

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Jina Box

Jina AI's universal front-end

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