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Multimodal AI is the future

Data is powerful, but that power often hides behind different media types and incompatible formats.

Neural Search uses state-of-the-art AI to index the contents of your data, regardless of what kind it is. A description of a sunrise can match a picture, or a photo of a rose can match a song.

Creative AI is the same technology turned on its head. It can create an image from a description, or write poems from a picture.

Jina AI's MLOps framework empowers you to easily deploy these technologies, releasing the power of your data and finding new ways to create value.

Neural search: using multimodal vectors to find what you need

Deep learning-powered information retrieval for multimodal data.

    $ jina now start --app text_to_image --data best-artworks

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impressionist painting of a couple in a park

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Creative AI: using multimodal relationships to generate what you want

Deep learning-powered content generation for multimodal data.

DiscoArt image generationDALL·E Flow image generationText generation
    from discoart import create

da = create(
        'a detailed painting of a medieval galleon sailing through the \
        pacific ocean being attacked by a giant skeletal kraken. \
        By Greg Rutkowski:5',
        'sea monster:4',
        'fantasy, high detail, intricate',
        'freckles, blemish, watermark, wrinkles, jpeg artifacts, dof:-1',


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