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An easier way

to build neural search

on the cloud

The Future of Search

What if search were truly intelligent? Unlike existing enterprise solutions, Jina’s open-source deep-learning powered search framework lets you handle any kind of data, without the pain of rewriting the rulebook each time. And with our cloud-native functionality you can deploy, scale, and orchestrate with ease. Whether you're searching text, graphics, audio, or video, Jina is there for you, every step of the way.


All your favorite libraries and frameworks

Open Source, All the Way

We believe in open source because we believe in the power of the many over the few. Licensed under Apache 2.0, Jina allows anyone to freely contribute their changes or feedback, and help build an eco-system that empowers the future of search. But openness is about more than just source code: we value transparent and fair stewardship, and our Dev Rel team actively engages with our community to give them a say.


Jina Search

The open-source core of Jina AI

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Jina Dashboard

Monitor and Manage Jina Flows

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Jina Hub

Build and share custom Pods & Flows

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Jina Box

Jina AI's universal front-end

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Dr. Ibrahim Haddad
Executive Director, LF AI Foundation

"The team at Jina AI is passionate about open source. The founders quit their high tech prestigious jobs to pursue their passion and innovate the open source way. Just a great example of how you can be open source friendly, create a promising technology, and build a commercial product."

Scott Penberthy
Director Applied AI, Google

"What began as a technology to discover cats in YouTube videos has mushroomed into an IT revolution. Bert, GPT and others are just the tip of the semantic iceberg. I'm excited by Jina's embrace of open source, where all of us can contribute and benefit from semantic search."


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Engineering All Hands - Aug 2021

Get to know our in-house engineering culture and ask questions about Jina.

Aug 10th, 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 CET


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