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Empower businesses and developers to create cutting-edge neural search, generative AI, and multimodal services using state-of-the-art LMOps, MLOps and cloud-native technologies.


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Multimodal AI is the Future

Multimodal data is everywhere: from simple tweets to photos on instagram, short videos on TikTok, audio snippets, Zoom meeting records, PDFs with figures, 3D meshes in games.

It is rich and powerful, but that power often hides behind different modalities and incompatible data formats. To enable high-level AI applications, one needs to solve search and create first.

Neural Search uses AI to find what you need. A description of a sunrise can match a picture, or a photo of a rose can match a song.

Generative AI/Creative AI uses AI to make what you need. It can create an image from a description, or write poems from a picture.

Jina AI is the leading multimodal AI platform. Our spectrum encompasses multimodal AI with its infrastructure and applications on neural search, generative AI, and creative AI. Our MLOps platform gives businesses and developers the edge while they're right at the starting line of this paradigm shift, and build the applications of the future today.

Explore the many possibilities of Multimodal AI

    $ jina now start --app text_to_image --data best-artworks

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⬇  Download DocArray dataset
📂 Extracting dataset from DocArray
╭───────────────── 🎉 Flow is available! ──────────────────╮
│                                                          │
│   ID            **********                               │
│   Endpoint(s)   grpcs://nowapi-**********   │
│                                                          │
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